About UltraFacility

UltraFacility has served the microelectronics industry for over 7 years, at first offering a peer reviewed publication and an annual conference, and later adding webinars, online events, opportunities to publish articles and blogs, and work more closely together with the community.

In 2021 UltraFacility launched the UltraFacility Community Platform, a powerful new website built to meet the rapidly evolving demands of the supply chain.

The UltraFacility Community Platform provides the semiconductor manufacturing industry with a dedicated space for year-round discourse and meetings, professional development and networking, and the advancement of the industry agenda. The activity and progress facilitated by the platform will culminate in the much-anticipated annual UltraFacility Conference.

Working in tandem with UltraFacility University – a specialized online training programme – UltraFacility has become the center of gravity for professionals and businesses within the industry. This new single solution is the culmination of UPM’s dedication to delivering on its mission: to enable the future of technology by advancing semiconductor manufacturing through industry wide collaboration and research.

The platform will integrate:
  • Networking tools to make year-round collaboration seamless
  • Company and professional profiles tagged within the supply chain, facilitating meaningful connections and partnerships
  • Knowledge exchange opportunities in the form of published industry perspectives, technology insights, as well as regular virtual networking meetings
  • Dedicated learning and training opportunities as part of the newly founded ‘UPM University’
  • Technical UltraFacility resources and archives collated over several years

With its focus on high purity environments, micro contamination around critical substrates, water and facility management, UltraFacility explores cutting-edge solutions to control the quality of ultrapure water (UPW), chemicals, critical components, gasses and airborne molecular contamination (AMC) at increasingly complex facilities. Due to the tight connection between water reuse and UPW, and commitment of manufacturers to principles of sustainability, UltraFacility promotes innovative approaches to site water and facility’s management.

UltraFacility is a sister organization of Global Water Intelligence (GWI), the leading publisher and events organiser serving the international water industry. Since 2014, GWI and UltraFacility have worked together to push the microelectronics sector forward.

Mission statement

UltraFacility mission statement


The UltraFacility Community Platform is launched.
The annual conference takes place online for the first time with an expanded agenda to include presentations on Airborne Molecular Contamination.
The agenda for the annual conference expands to include High Purity Gases.
For the first time, the agenda for the annual conference expands beyond water and welcomes presentations on High-Performance Chemicals.
Intel joins the platform as an industry partner. To fulfil its mission of serving the microelectronics community UltraFacility also launched the Learning Series - workshops that offer training for both new and experienced engineers. The Learning Series live event, which takes place during the UltraFacility event, is designed for engineers with end-users’ needs in mind.
Samsung Austin Semiconductor becomes UPM’s industry partner.
To better serve the microelectronics community and to address the complexities of the semiconductor manufacturing, the UltraFacility annual conference added Site Water Management and Wastewater Treatment to the agenda, expanding beyond Ultrapure Water.
GWI acquired Ultrapure Water Journal and took over the management of the Ultrapure Water Conference that focused on the production of ultrapure water for semiconductor manufacturing.