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Help & Support


Click ‘Join’ on the website homepage to see membership options. Basic and corporate memberships can be purchased via the payment portal. Alternatively, you can contact to discuss membership or partnership options.

You can also use the same methods to renew your membership.

We offer four memberships

  1. An individual membership for one user.
  2. A Basic Membership allows access to the portal for up to 5 users.
  3. A Corporate Membership allows access to the portal for an unlimited number of users.
  4. Partnership allows access for unlimited members, with extra brand visibility and promotion for company materials.

Find out about membership here or ask about Partnership options.

Click ‘Join’ on the website homepage, and then click your chosen membership option to access the payment portal. You can also go to ‘Your account’ to find out when your membership expires and click ‘renew membership’.

Alternatively, you can contact to discuss membership.

After choosing a membership option, our team will follow up to request a user list. We will add these users to the subscription. Once each user is added, they will receive an activation email. We aim to process new users within 2 business days.

Access to the UltraFacility Portal includes unlimited access to past resources, including technical presentations and webinars. Members also can attend UltraFacility Community Events. In addition, the offering includes unparalleled networking opportunities with a select hub of professionals.

The membership does not include UPM University enrolment or UltraFacility annual conference attendance.

Please email to remove an employee from a membership, or to switch in another user. 

Access to the UltraFacility portal includes unlimited access to 500+ resources, including technical presentations and journal articles. Members also can attend and re-watch UltraFacility webinars held throughout the year.

The membership does not include UPM University enrolment or UltraFacility annual conference attendance.

Personal Profile

Your personal profile will act as a powerful to display your portfolio of technical resources among a community of semiconductor facility professionals. You can use your personal profile to demonstrate your interests and expertise.

Click ‘Your account’, then click ‘Edit your profile’. Here you can enable your chat system, choose your visibility, write a bio, add your job title, and include your interests.

You should use your bio to demonstrate your interests, experience, and expertise. When editing your profile, you can use the ‘interest list’ box to emphasize your area of expertise, e.g., ‘particle metrology’. You can see a list containing the interests that other users have chosen to publicize as their area of expertise – this may provide some inspiration.

In the EcoSystem dropdown, select ‘Members’. Here you can search a network of microelectronics professionals based on name, company, or job title.

On the EcoSystem dropdown, select ‘companies’ Here you can search based on the company name, by company type (e.g. technology providers), services (e.g. ultrapure water production), and tools or equipment (e.g. filters).

If you have forgotten your password, please click the link to change the password and access your account. If there are continued problems, please email If your account has expired, you may need to renew your membership through clicking ‘Join’, choosing your relevant membership option, and then following through to the payment portal.

Insight posts

You may submit an insight post for approval by the UltraFacility team.

On the form, you can choose to submit your post with a title, content, and additional files. Once you have submitted a proposal, one of the UltraFacility team will be in touch with you to determine whether it can be accepted.

Any topic related to semiconductors or related industries is welcome! Insight posts are designed to be informal perspective pieces, Data and technical details are not necessary. However, insights must be non-commercial and provide relevant takeaways for the audience.

We only ask that insight posts do not have excessive marketing content. It is okay to mention products or projects your company is working on, but please relate it to what is new and changing in the industry. Aim to share knowledge.

Business profile

Firstly, you may need to check if your company is listed under a slightly different name, or under a parent company.

If your company has under 5 employees, it may not be listed.

If your company is not listed, but you feel it should be listed, please contact

Partners have complete control over their own company profile, including description, tags, and any promotional material. Please contact to understand how to make the most of the visibility on your partner profile.

Members without a Partnership cannot edit their own profiles. However, if you think something on your profile is out of date, inaccurate, or if any important aspects are missing, please email

Company profiles are designed to be informative tools to navigate the microelectronics EcoSystem. Partners have added brand visibility, and can therefore include a logo.

You may use the EcoSystem to navigate the supply chain for facilities by company type (e.g. technology providers), services (e.g. ultrapure water production), and tools or equipment (e.g. filters), then you should use the EcoSystem page.


Members can attend webinars but must register for each one. You should receive information about webinars through your email, or you may be able to see the event listed on the Calendar or Homepage. There will be a link with which to register, and you will receive further information with the meeting link in a later email. Non-members can register their interest in attending webinars.

We send information for UltraFacility Webinars via email. If you think you are not on our mailing list, or if you would like any clarification about events, please email

We want UltraFacility to be your one-stop shop for several important events happening in the semiconductor manufacturing sphere. We will also highlight important third-party events, or other events in the UltraFacility umbrella, such as conference deadlines and UPM University workshops.

UPM University

The UPM University is designed to tackle the expertise and talent shortage in the semiconductor manufacturing industry, starting off with ultrapure water systems engineering. The program is designed for entry-level engineers to obtain formalized training in water treatment within semiconductor manufacturing. Led by industry experts, the course will cover water engineering basics, and create the next generation of UPW and water management engineers.

No, the products are separate, but UPM University subscriptions include the UltraFacility Portal membership.

You can register your interest by visiting or emailing


You must be logged in to watch recordings from previous events. You can watch recordings of past conference presentations or community events via the ‘Resources’ tab. You can search based on author of the presentation, the relevant companies, or by key word.

Please make sure you are using key words from the title, company or author. You may also wish to use the filters to find the resource you need.

If there is a specific resource you are unable to find, please email for help.


You can choose to turn visibility off by clicking ‘Your account’, then ‘Edit your profile,’ and then unchecking the visibility box.

If you are logged in, you can reset you password by clicking ‘Your account’, then ‘Edit your profile,’ and then scrolling down to change your password. 

If you are not logged in and cannot remember your password, you can click the password reset link, or if this does not work please email

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