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The UltraFacility Portal is the place for year-round collaboration and technical knowledge-exchange between facility owner representatives and experts from across the supply chain.

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Technical Knowledge Base

Access 700+ technical presentations and journal articles developed by end-users and supply-chain experts, including eight years of UltraFacility annual conference materials.


List your company in our comprehensive map of the market players in the semiconductor manufacturing value chain, where companies discover technologies and find solutions.

Online Seminars

Join online events where globally-recognised thought leaders from facilities and supply chain experts present cutting-edge insights to a network of peers.

Annual Conference

Get discounted attendance at the UltraFacility annual conference, the premier technically-focused event in the semiconductor industry.


Connect with a curated group of industry experts, build relationships, and share your solutions and industry insights.

UPM University

Enjoy discounted enrolments for online courses that prioritize immediately applicable knowledge not taught at universities. Accelerate pathways to industry leadership.

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With enhanced company profiles, ecosystem listings, insight posts, and much more, the Portal gives you the tools you need to get your message across to one of the largest and most engaged groups of professionals in the semiconductor industry.

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